System Modelling, Verification and Reuse

The overall research goal of the MoVeRe  (System Modelling, Verification and Reuse) group is to contribute to an effective seamless integration of Formal Methods into software and system development methodologies.
The research interests of the group span from foundational aspects to tools for supporting rigorous engineering of industrial systems.

The research activity of the group mainly focuses on developing Rigorous Approaches to Software (and System) Engineering and Domain Specific Languages for

  • Variability modeling and (multi) software product lines,
  • Distributed systems, self-organisaton, collective intelligence and swarm intelligence,
  • System evolution and dynamic software updates,
  • Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical Systems,
  • Robotics,
  • Edge-Fog-Cloud Continuum,
  • Quantum Computing,

and on their validation in Industry/Logistics X.0, Smart-cites, Precision agriculture, and Scientific computing scenarios.